As a curator and writer, I am always interested in discovering new work and connecting with artists who work with photography and film within the conceptual or documentary genre.

Susanne Fessé

Curator & Writer / Editor in Chief, Utställningskritik / Co-founder, VERK journal / Director & Founder of Art/Sensation, Stockholm (SE)
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Susanne Fessé

“My experience as a curator in exhibition rooms as well as in public space can help artists look outside the box in future shows. I can help emerging and established artists develop their projects, and I am happy to offer feedback on both text and images.”

Susanne Fessé is an art historian, a curator and writer (Master of Arts, Uppsala University). She holds the position of Editor in Chief of the journal Utställningskritik, which focuses on criticism of the exhibition medium at Sweden’s culture and nature history museums.

With a special interest in lens-based art, Susanne is one of the founders of VERK journal, rewarded with the Swedish Publishing Prize 2018. She is a member of the board of Galleri Kontrast in Stockholm. Furthermore, Susanne is part of the exhibition group of CFF – Center of Photography in Sweden.

In addition to museum and gallery shows, Susanne has curated a number of temporary site-specific exhibitions in public space, supported by the culture administration, City of Stockholm. She is also a member of AICA Sweden.

Lastly, Susanne is the director and founder of Art/Sensation, an organization that emphasizes the importance of emotions in and around art. It’s an initiative that aims to explore the intersection of art, emotions and place. Art/Sensation takes on the forms of a critical curatorial situation, an area for text and conversation as well as a source of knowledge in the field of affect studies for institutions, schools, artists and future research in humanities.

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