I am interested in reviewing many kinds of artworks, no matter what medium is used. I can also assist artists with practical advice and information about the art scene, people or institutions.

Pirkko Siitari

Head of Exhibitions, HAM - Helsinki Art Museum, Helsinki (FI)
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Pirkko Siitari

“When reviewing, the important thing for me is what kind of meanings artworks can create and how these meanings are articulated through the works. I am also interested in how art and politics are related and how art can effect a change in society. This doesn’t mean, however, that art should be a direct comment on something – art always uses its own vocabulary.

As a reviewer, I comment on the content of the artworks, on the way it is done and encourage artists to articulate what they do. I am interested in what, how and why they do what they do. To verbalize art is not always easy, and the online reviews are a good occasion for artists to practice this.”

Pirkko Siitari is currenly working as Head of Exhibitions at HAM – Helsinki Art Museum.

Pirkko is the former director of Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki (2010-2015). Before taking up this position, she worked as Chief Curator in the same institution. In the years 2004 to 2008, she was the director of Kerava Art Museum and from 1999 to 2004, she was Chief Curator of the Finnish Museum of Photography. In the 90’s, she was the director of the Northern Photographic Centre in Oulu for nine years.

Among her many curatorial projects are: Helsinki Biennial (HAM 2021) Pawel Althamer (HAM 2019), Nature as a Playground (Museum of Photography, Seoul 2018), Robert Mapplethorpe (Kiasma 2015), Alfredo Jaar (Kiasma 2014), ARS11 (Kiasma 2011), Common Things – Finnish and Swedish Contemporary Art (Kiasma 2010), Black and White – Japanese Photography (Ateneum Art Museum 2008).

Pirkko has extensive experience with curating exhibitions, programs of contemporary art, leadership, mentoring, museums and art organizations. Her international experience also includes lecturing, numerous portfolio reviews and jury work with a special focus on contemporary photographic art.

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