As a reviewer, I see my role as both a sounding board, a strategist for the development of the work and a professional who can provide valuable insight into ways artists can strengthen their work.

Peggy Sue Amison

Artistic Director, East Wing, Dubai (UAE)
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Peggy Sue Amison

“As a curator, producer of artistic events and author for a number of international magazines over the years, a large part of my practice has involved advising and assisting artists working with a variety of media, supporting them in the development of different projects.

I’m interested in discussing works that are in process or fully completed projects. I am not experienced in fashion photography or commercial photography. I can be helpful to artists who are looking to brainstorm their ideas, those who might feel stuck in their process, or who have a finished body of work and are looking for assistance in creating a final edit or are developing a strategy to take their project forward to the next step. Exhibition development and other aspects of professional development are also ways I can assist.

Portfolio reviews are an investment of time and experience for both the artist and the reviewer. I expect artists to arrive prepared – to know a little about my work and to a clear idea of what they would like to take away from our time together. Use this investment wisely; prepare your portfolio with a definitive idea about what you need for the development of your project/practice.

The value that I bring to a portfolio review is my international professional network and years of experience in the field. I have encountered numerous difficulties, logistical problems, and my experience can be beneficial to those either just starting out, or who have been working on long-term projects.

At East Wing we are always looking for new viewpoints and also projects that are well researched and fully developed. Ideas that push the boundaries of photography, but also have the power to inform and surprise us.”

Peggy Sue Amison is Artistic Director for East Wing, a platform for photography founded in Doha Qatar. As a curator, writer, strategist, mentor and photographic consultant, Peggy has collaborated with numerous emerging and established photographers, festivals and publications internationally. Prior to taking the position with East Wing in 2014, Peggy Sue was Artistic Director of Sirius Arts Centre in Ireland from 2001 to 2014, where she headed a multidisciplinary visual arts and residency programme.

Working with a wide range of visual artists, but specifically in photography, Peggy Sue has curated exhibitions in Dubai, Ireland, Berlin, Poland, the United States, Denmark, France and China. She has written for various photographic publications and artist catalogues and has independently produced photographic events.

Through her different positions and projects, Peggy Sue Amison has experience creating synergies between artists and an array of professional organisations. She has been an invited speaker, juror, critic and portfolio reviewer at numerous meeting places for photography and contests. She has also contributed to the development of the artist residency programme, PICTURE BERLIN in Germany. From 2012 to 2016, Peggy was a board member and advisor for Belfast Photo Festival in Northern Ireland.

East Wing was founded in Doha, Qatar, in 2012, with the aim of developing an international platform to open up new dialogues in photography, with a keen eye on innovative artistic practice. The organisation had a physical gallery space from 2012 to 2018 in Dubai, UAE, but now works primarily online or on temporary installations.

The gallery curates and commissions contemporary photographic projects from all around the globe, developing exhibitions, presenting at international art fairs, and regularly partnering with like-minded institutions.

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