As a reviewer, I am interested in seeing contemporary work made by photographers and media artists from around the world, especially documentary, social and conceptual work.

Moritz Neumüller

The Curatorship, PhotoIreland Festival, Photobook Week Aarhus, IED Madrid (AT/ES)
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Moritz Neumüller

“I am not a photographer, so I cannot help make better pictures, technically speaking. What I do feel confident doing is coaching image-makers to become better artists and to tell stories that matter; to avoid clichés and find new ways of showing and – why not – changing the world we live in today; to develop their full potential and get more out of the themes they have chosen.

Needless to say, I try to maintain contact with photographers I find interesting, for future collaborations. In the case that I cannot include you in one of the shows I curate for festivals and institutions, I am known to try my best to give useful advice, casual mentoring and even contact information of other people who might well be interested in your work.”

Moritz Neumüller is used to wearing different hats and working on several projects at once. He is currently Chief Curator of the Photobook Week Aarhus, Denmark, and a regular contributor to European Photography Magazine, Berlin. Since 2010, he runs The Curator Ship, a platform for photography and image culture, and an accessibility program for the arts called ArteConTacto.

Born in Linz, Austria, in 1972, Moritz has a degree in Art History and Economy with an interdisciplinary Doctorate in New Media from the University of Vienna. After completing his studies, he worked for the Department of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (1999-2000), and he supervised several international book and exhibition projects on photography and video art before moving to Spain. He directed various activities for the 2004-2007 editions of PHotoESPAÑA, the Spanish Festival of Photography and Visual Arts.

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