With a versatile background in documentary storytelling, my focus is on how to build a stronger narrative, whether it is a book project or an essay. I am very curious to review projects with an in-depth and personal approach.

Hannamari Shakya

Photo Editor, Photographer, Creative Director & Publisher, Raw View Editions, Helsinki (FI)
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Hannamari Shakya

“I am fascinated in and intrigued by intimate and thoughtful long-term projects that reveal something universal about all of us. I believe that the most universal is the most personal. I am interested in seeing documentary photography with an artistic approach from both emerging and established photographers.

I am a big believer in the nonexistent line between art and documentary. The most poignant works, I’ve seen, have met in the middle. I appreciate analogue photography and the combined use of different mediums to tell a story. I am not keen to see photojournalism.”

From 2012 to 2015, Hannamari published Musta Taide photography books for Aalto ARTS Books, Aalto University in Helsinki. She is an experienced book producer, photo editor, curator, photographer, documentary director, film producer, scriptwriter, teacher and mentor – and as portfolio reviewer, she draws on more than 20 years of hands-on experience in the field of documentary photography, filmmaking and books.

Hannamari is the founding editor-in-chief, creative director and publisher of the award-winning photography magazine Raw View. Established in 2007 as Photo Raw, the international magazine focused on documentary photography with an artistic approach to societal subjects.

In 2018, Raw View Magazine entered a new phase when it transformed into Raw View Editions, an independent publishing house. Still focusing on artistic documentary photography, Raw View Editions produces limited edition photography books with an emphasis on personal projects that explore individualistic themes and narratives.

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