I have a particular interest in well-crafted, thoughtful work that pushes the boundaries of the medium, and displays the artist’s personal style. I am happy to review portfolios of all kinds, be they comprised of work in progress, completed projects or planned publications.
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Alessandra Capodacqua

“During the review process, photographers can expect supportive discussion on their projects; I usually like to broaden the discussion to projects’ genesis as well as to the cultural sphere in which they have developed. I can offer help editing and suggest opportunities to enhance further visibility.

I have an interest in both new emerging photographers and established photographers and in work that is relevant to contemporary issues, ranging from conceptual to documentary. I am also interested in seeing projects with an interdisciplinary approach to the medium and projects that favour experimental and innovative definitions of photography.

I am keen on discussing ideas at any stage of project development and offering frank and straightforward feedback on the photographer’s practice. Preferably, I would like to see medium- to long-term projects rather than single shots.

For me, photography is a tool by which people explore their lives, their realities, their interests, the news and every field of current affairs, both with a historical perspective and a more contemporary approach.

As an educator, a curator and a photographer, I believe it is my responsibility to be a facilitator that engages, challenges and inspires photographers not only to improve their presence as actors in the photographic world but also to be capable of expressing their own ideas in a clear way.

With more than 30 years of experience, my approach to teaching photography acknowledges that strong foundations in photographic technique is the essence of any photography program while simultaneously tackling the digital domain in which photography now exists. I also address different areas within my curricula: critical thinking, experimentation, collaboration, among others. Furthermore, I strive to instill the idea that great art is a combination of craft and personal vision rather than a demonstration of extraordinary technique.

I have had the opportunity to teach photography at different levels, and I have acquired a great ability to adapt my contribution to photographers and aspiring photographers in order to establish a satisfactory and useful relationship. I believe that teaching and mentoring means establishing a two-way dialogue that is fruitful for both actors. Of course, in order to have a fruitful twofold relationship, it is key that the photographer has a clear vision of her/his project and is able to explain it so that I am able to help.

I am not interested in advertising, wedding, wildlife and nature, glamour and traditional nude photography, as these are not my area of expertise. Furthermore, I am not interested in just offering technical advice. I want to be surprised. I want to be moved. I want to be provoked.”

A graduate in European Languages and Literatures, Alessandra Capodacqua is a photographer, a curator and an educator at NYU Florence, where she teaches Photojournalism, Fashion Photography, and Architectural Photography. She has taught photography in Italian and in English for many international schools and colleges, more recently at the MFA in Photography at Studio Arts College International. Alessandra also lectures, gives talks, mentors, and edits photographers’ work. Furthermore, she has a second life around new technologies, as she was recently appointed by NYU Florence to contribute to their Digital Studio activities and workshops.

Alessandra’s photographic work delves into questions of identity and gender, mainly through self-portraiture, still life and landscape. She constantly expands her artistic development by experimenting with new technologies and mixing digital with analogue processes. Her photographs are shown worldwide and are in private and public collections, including the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

Alessandra has curated exhibitions and participated in the organization of festivals of photography in Italy and abroad. She is regularly invited as portfolio reviewer at national and international events, both in person and remotely. Among others, LensCulture, Belfast Photo Festival, Photo Alliance in San Francisco, Voies Off in Arles, Parenthèse Freelens in Paris, Encontros da Imagem in Braga, Houston FotoFest, Eyes On in Vienna, Biennial of Photography in Thessaloniki, the Rome Festival of Photography.

In addition, Alessandra is invited as juror for international photo awards and prizes, such as the Katz International Photography Award (KIPA) and Photolucida – Critical Mass. She is also a regular nominator for British Journal of Photography and 6×6 Global Talent Program for WPP.

Since 2015, Alessandra has coordinated and organized the Gabriele Basilico Prize for Landscape and Architecture Photography, the first European prize in this field. In 2018, she was appointed consultant and curator for the Collezione Donata Pizzi, a collection of photographs, books and art objects created by Italian women photographers from 1965 onwards.

Born in Naples, Alessandra lives and works in Florence.

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