I see photography as a powerful artistic means that is often constrained by pre-established formats. I am eager to discover works by lens-based artists who are into cross-disciplinarity and think outside the box. In turn I can offer an honest, regardful and open-minded reading of your work.

Paola Paleari

Freelance Author, Editor & Curator, Copenhagen (DK)
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Paola Paleari

“I think the portfolio review is quite a controversial format. On the one hand, it is a precious meeting opportunity for both the artist and the reviewer, on the other, its speed-date configuration can at times turn it into an awkward experience. My belief is, however, that Portfolio Dialogue can encourage a more focussed and profitable encounter on both parts due to its in-depth approach.

In my opinion, photography is the most powerful language of our days, and yet it often suffers from an autarchic and self-referential approach when it comes to channeling it into the art world. For this reason, I am especially interested in lens-based artists who employ photography critically in the light of contemporary culture and have the arts at large as an operating frame.”

Paola Paleari is an Italian freelance author, editor and curator, currently based in Copenhagen.

After her Master in Design at Politecnico di Milano in 2009, she picked up a childhood passion and studied Photography in Rome. From then on, she has worked in the art field, collaborating with various galleries and private and public institutions.

From 2013 to 2018, she covered the position of Deputy Editor at YET magazine, a Swiss publication dedicated to contemporary photography. This experience was fundamental to her understanding of the environment of artistic photography and has given her a personal insight into both its considerable potential and structural limits.

In 2017, she joined FSK Foreningen for Samtidskunst (The Danish Association for Contemporary Art) with which she organized and curated EC1 24H Copenhagen 2018 – an exhibition project based on the concepts of temporality and “art in the making” with 22 different shows executed along 22 days.

Since 2018, she has been Director at JIR SANDEL, a Copenhagen-based exhibition platform dedicated to the exploration of alternative ways of exhibition-making and the investigation of existing structures within the art world. In 2020, she joined the executive board of Kuratorisk Forum, an organization that focuses on promoting the curatorial discourse and better working conditions for curators.

Paola has curated several exhibitions internationally and has written numerous texts for books, catalogues and shows. Her essays, interviews and reviews are regularly published in assorted magazines. Furthermore, she has been a portfolio reviewer at Voies Off in Arles, Chobi Mela in Dhaka, ISSP – International Summer School of Photography and Copenhagen Photo Festival, as well as a jury member at Duesseldorf Photo Weekend and Riga Photography Biennial.

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