Reviewing offers multi-faceted goals for the photographer. I attempt to expand on these. For me, the excitement is to discover brilliant different ways of seeing, staying in touch with the artists, watching them evolve and plough back their work into the field.

Niyatee Shinde

Director & Curator, Turmeric Earth Art Projects Pvt. Ltd. / Founding Director, Zalor India International Photography Foundation, Mumbai (IN)
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Niyatee Shinde

“In today’s world everyone is a photographer. So where do the professional committed photographers stand? Where is their place in this world?

Reviewing portfolios, I have come to realize, does not result in major career-changing decisions and actually it should not. I have always endeavored objectively to first understand, then reassure and advise, pinpoint the skills and build confidence.

Our vision is bound and nurtured by the worlds we inhabit. My ethnicity offers unique ways of viewing and assimilation that I inherently bring to the reviewing table.”

Niyatee Shinde, Honorary Doctorate, is an independent curator, photo-historian, writer on art and photography, and a recognized appraiser of fine and decorative arts. In many ways, she pioneered the awareness of the historic development of photography in India and has authored innumerable essays, lectures, and talks on the subject; she is acknowledged as India’s foremost photo reviewer and writer on photography.

She was the first editor and one of the founders of the Times Journal of Photography (Times of India, Mumbai) and was invited as nominator for the Leopold Godowsky Jr. Photography Award in 1997 and the Hasselblad Photographer Award in 2000, 2006 and 2018. Each year, she is invited as a jury-panel member to judge several national photography exhibitions and other events around the world.

Niyatee is also regarded as one of the leading experts on the renowned Indian photographer Raja Deen Dayal. In 1993, she conceptualized, researched, and compiled The Legacy of Raja Deen Dayal, a major exhibition of photographs by Raja Deen Dayal, for the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi, from the IGNCA archives. She has also compiled and contributed text to the dossier on Raja Deen Dayal, presented by Air India on their 60th anniversary, in 1993.

As an art consultant and curator, she continues to manage several significant art collections, maintaining and creating critical repositories of information within these collections; as well as curating exhibitions and traveling shows in India. Her focus areas have been modern and contemporary art and photography history in India.

Niyatee has always believed in identifying, honing and showcasing talent from around the world; and so, throughout her career she has proactively championed several young artists and photographers.

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