Photographers can expect practical advice concerning the development of their work as well as advice on how to get better exposure via various platforms; international festivals, publications, institutions, open calls, etc.

Nestan Nijaradze

Co-founder & Artistic Director, Tbilisi Photo Festival (GE)
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Nestan Nijaradze

“Defining the personal visual language, photographic writing in connection with the themes of a photographic work, is the biggest challenge for an emerging artist. Unveiling the right direction is crucial.

I’m continuously in search of discovering the works of emerging local, regional or international artists as well as works of established international artists.”

Nestan Nijaradze is Co-founder and Artistic Director of the Tbilisi Photo Festival – the first international annual photo festival in Georgia, created in 2010. She has curated numerous international exhibitions in Georgia and abroad, promoting photographers from the Caucasus area. Nestan also co-founded the first institution in Georgia entirely dedicated to the contemporary image – Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum.

Since 2007, Nestan has curated numerous exhibitions of emerging Georgian photographers as well as established international artists. She is regularly invited as portfolio review expert at international photo festivals.

Nestan initiated the first permanent collection of Georgian photography, which has been expanding since 2007.

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