I am interested in seeing lens-based contemporary art and documentary projects that offer innovative approaches to a chosen subject. As a reviewer and curator, I seek clear visual ideas and strong stories.

Maria Faarinen

Chief Curator, The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki (FI)
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Maria Faarinen

“I am pleased to review all kinds of fine art and documentary projects in any stage of development, particularly emerging artists and photographers. I always desire to see photographs that might help us as humans to understand the time we live in, and I am delighted if I can help photographers articulate their ideas verbally or visually. As a reviewer, I want to be honest but kind and offer a good dialogue.”

Maria Faarinen is Chief Curator at The Finnish Museum of Photography. The museum is one of the leading and oldest photography museums in Europe. Through exhibitions, collection management and research, the museum strives to promote and foster photographic art and culture in Finland.

Maria holds an MA in Art History (University of Jyväskylä 2007). She has published articles and edited publications (Atelier O. Haapala 2018, Rarely Pure, Never Simple 2018, K-G Roos 2012). In 2018, she took part in the 1st cycle of PARALLEL – European Photo Based Platform as an emerging curator.

Maria has worked in The Finnish Museum of Photography since she graduated in 2007. She has a background in collections and archives that has given her an extensive knowledge of photography’s history, materiality and different genres. She is specially interested in archive-based contemporary art, photobooks and installations.

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