To me, a portfolio review is, first and foremost, a dialogue and a chance to share one’s expertise, information, experience, and ideas. I hope not only to see your projects but also to look for points of intersection for potential collaboration.

Kateryna Radchenko

Founder & Director, Odesa Photo Days / Curator, Photographer, Photography Researcher, Odesa (UA)
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Kateryna Radchenko

“I like to embrace new challenges and look for different ways to achieve my goals. I can share my own methodology and experience of searching for various ways of personal creative development, professional opportunities, and presentation of projects. For my part, I am looking for interesting projects with the aim of including them in curated exhibitions.

My professional path from the role of photographer to that of curator and, later, the director of the only photo festival in Ukraine is all about challenges, experiments, self-management, and a clear vision of perspectives and opportunities. So, I would be happy to share my own experience, knowledge, and contacts with you. I consider photography one of the most powerful media of communication and, at the same time, manipulation. I am fascinated by research projects and bold experiments searching for a new visual language.

Right now, I am working mostly in Ukraine, although as a curator and a researcher, I am collaborating closely with museums and festivals all over Europe and Asia.”

Majoring in Philosophy and Journalism at Odesa National University, Kateryna Radchenko is a curator, photographer, and photography researcher. Since 2015, she is the founder and director of the international festival Odesa Photo Days. She is also Head of the NGO “Art Travel” (Ukraine) since 2009.

Kateryna studied photography during the fellowship and residence programs at Villa Arson (Nice, France), Gaude Polonia (Warsaw, Poland), and the Museum of Photographic Arts (San Diego, USA).

She is the author of articles published in several international magazines and on online platforms, such as Fotograf, Magenta, EIKON, and FOAM Magazine. She has curated exhibitions in Ukraine, South Korea, Sweden, Georgia, France, and Latvia.

As a portfolio reviewer, Kateryna has participated in various photo festivals, in particular, Riga Photo Month, Lodz Photo Festival, Suwon Photo Festival, and Photo Wien.

Photo: Valentyn Kuzan

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