Having worked with exhibitions in all different genres of photography, from emerging talents to some of the greatest masters, I can help you shape your body of work into a story. I can also advice you on how to make your work and your online presence interesting and available to clients, galleries and institutions.

Johan Vikner

Curator & Exhibition Producer, Fotografiska International, Stockholm (SE)
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Johan Vikner

“What is interesting to me, is to find new creative ways of working with photography as a medium. To push its boundaries, both literally and figuratively, and build powerful communication trough imagery.”

Johan Vikner is Exhibition Producer and Curator at Fotografiska International based in Stockholm, Sweden. Having worked for the museum since 2012, he has curated and produced over 150 exhibitions with photographers and artists from all different genres, walks of life and parts of the world. Most recently, he lived and worked in New York for the launch of Fotografiska’s newest venue.

Johan has a background in art history, linguistics and the combination of the two through visual storytelling. His interest in photography lies in the contemporary, evolution and ever-changing expression of the medium. Its ability to be both reality and fiction, and the stories it creates.

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