I am interested in discovering and helping new talents to develop, but I also like working closely with established artists who want some honest and constructive feedback about new projects.

Jean-Christophe Godet

Director, Guernsey Photography Festival (GG)
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Jean-Christophe Godet

“Reviewing portfolios gives me an opportunity to follow and keep in touch with the world of contemporary photography.

The Guernsey Photography Festival has established an international reputation, and we can offer a unique platform for photographers through our range of exhibitions, talks series and artist in residence programmes. We have also developed close relationships with other major international festivals, galleries, agencies and publishers so we can recommend people we like when appropriate.

For me a strong portfolio has to be coherent, innovative with a strong sense of artistic integrity. I am particularly interested in individuals who keep developing and maturing their work and strive to keep producing high quality work over time.

Reviewing a portfolio is above all about opening a dialogue with the artist. It is about creating an environment of attentive listening in order to deliver clear guidance and advice.”

Born in Normandy, France, Jean-Christophe Godet is the founder and artistic director of the Guernsey Photography Festival, created in 2010. The Guernsey Photography Festival brings together major names in international photography with a host of emerging talent, for a packed month of exhibitions, projections, talks, educational workshops and community events on the island. The festival is now firmly established as one of the most important and successful cultural events in Guernsey and has positioned itself amongst the best festivals of photography in Europe.

Photo: Peter Franklin/Guernsey Press

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