I'm interested in a wide range of fine art, documentary photography and mixed-media work. I would be happy to review unpublished photobooks and give advice on editing, sequencing and design. I am always looking for young or emerging photographic talents for possible future collaborations.

Franek Ammer

Curator, Fotofestiwal, International Festival of Photography in Lodz (PL)
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Franek Ammer

A graduate in photography from the Lodz Film School, Franek Ammer (born 1988 in Lodz, Poland) is an artist, curator and organizer. He co-founded TIFF International Photography Festival in Wroclaw with which he cooperates to this day.

Franek has devoted a large part of his work to bringing up aspects related to photobooks and popularizing them in Poland. This interest resulted in several exhibitions, lectures and cooperation with prominent figures from the world of photography and the publishing scene of photobooks.

In the Fotofestiwal collective, Franek is responsible for the festival program, coordination of exhibitions, events and publications. He is also a co-founder of Przestrzeń Robocza (Working Space) – a place dedicated to experimental work in visual and multimedia arts.

Photo: Lacopo Pasqui

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