I am continually searching internationally for established and emerging photographers specialising in documentary photography, photo-based art, street photography, portraiture, fashion and landscape.
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Fiona Sweet

“It gives me great pleasure to provide a photographer with my attention, focus and a critical discussion of their work, which I expect will be well structured and thoughtfully presented. I hope my constructive perception of their portfolio affords valuable insight and further pathways for their work.”

A prominent and highly respected arts director, Fiona Sweet currently holds the position of Creative Director of the Ballarat International Foto Biennale, Australia’s leading contemporary photographic event.

Held every two years, in the regional city of Ballarat (population 110,000) in the state of Victoria, the not-for-profit Biennale is a 60-day festival delivering a dynamic program of two major photographic exhibition streams. A curated Core Program showcasing domestic and international artists and an Open Program that fosters the development of new artists.

Fiona is also the Director at the National Centre for Photography, Australia’s newest and only regional gallery dedicated exclusively to photography. She is an influential and in-demand public speaker, industry judge and photographic portfolio reviewer and assessor in Australia and internationally.

Fiona currently sits on the LCI University Photographic Panel and the Advisory Committee for the Discipline of Photography at RMIT. She was the recipient of an Ian Potter Travel Grant in 2018 for her research on international art festival best practice.

As a curator, her interest lies in the interdisciplinary and experimental approaches to the photographic medium. Fiona’s practice often investigates the intersections between the human body and the human psyche and its response to shifting societal perspectives, power dynamics and challenges.

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