Photography is really an act of selection. From subject to point of view, frame, technical options, image selection, and finally, the presentation. All of these decisions have to be conceptual, and I can help you develop the best practice.

Emese Mucsi

Curator, Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center / Editor / Art Writer, Budapest (HU)
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Emese Mucsi

“Selection is key! The artist is a thinker whose thoughts can be channeled by different media; photography is one of those channels, out of many.

I have a background in contemporary art and new media, therefore my curatorial focus is on exhibitions where photography is interpreted in the context of contemporary art. I mostly collaborate with artists who work along an expanded idea of photography and produce photo-based works.

In the frameworks of my projects, I invite these artists and photographers as well as photojournalists, writers and other thinkers from different fields of science and humanities to experiment with new approaches to photography.”

Emese Mucsi has been one of the editors of Artmagazin Online ( since 2014. She has published art critiques, essays, and interviews in various international art publications and organized different international contemporary art exhibitions as a freelance curator. Between 2016 and 2019, she was a board member of the Hungarian Section of AICA (International Association of Art Critics).

Since 2018, Emese is a curator at the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center. The Center opened in Budapest in December 2013. Among the tasks of the new visual institute are the organization of national and international exhibitions; the foundation of a prestigious photography award; the presentation of national and international photographers and photography workshops.

Activities of the institution also include foreign study tours, public discussions, lectures, thematic film screenings, and performances, along with events of other art disciplines. Established in the centennial year of Robert Capa’s birth, the Center supports its operational, functional, and program costs from state subsidies, grants, and its own income.

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