I am keen to hear what photographers have to tell – beyond their images, outside their frame. Sometimes even photographers lose focus. I am happy to help figuring out the plot behind the story that needs to be told, be it in terms of composition, perspective, edit or text.

Carla Erdmann

Freelance Editor, Leica Fotografie International / Journalist, Writer, Curator, Hamburg (DE)
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Carla Erdmann

“From my observations, sometimes images do not depict what the photographer intended to show. Photographers had something in mind and sometimes it’s not in the frame. Often enough, photographers need to give viewers a clue what they’d like to show in order to enable them to depict the full experience behind their work. Let’s work on that clue without unveiling the magic trick.

I see myself as a medium. My favorite form of expression is text, but I have a deep understanding of what the medium photography is and can be. I will listen closely, ask unexpected questions and transform your thoughts into an abstract that complements what is shown within the four edges.

In the end, it’s all about storytelling. I am happy to help you edit your work and put down the essence so editors will see right away what to do with it, if you intend to approach magazines. I look forward to exchanging thoughts with you.”

Carla Erdmann is a freelance writer, specialising in the field of photography. She has worked for BILDERBERG Agentur der Fotografen (2002-2004) and VICTOR by Hasselblad Magazin (2007-2010). Since 2004, she is a freelance editor of Leica Fotografie International (LFI) magazine, and its digital platforms LFI blog and S Magazine.

Carla’s texts also regularly appear in various publications and exhibition catalogues such as EIKON magazine, Halle4 Deichtorhallen online magazine, and gute aussichten: Germany’s most significant competition for photography graduates, one of the largest exhibition venues of its kind in Europe.

In 2018, she curated the group exhibition Amanet/Upheaval in Albania with works by Birte Kaufmann, Anna Ehrenstein, Roman Bezjak, Roland Tasho and Ardian Isufi. The exhibition was shown on 700 square meters on the occasion of the OFF-Triennale/Triennale der Photographie, Hamburg.

Carla has been doing portfolio reviews for gute aussichten Plattform, Hamburg/Germany, Fotofestiwal Łódź/Poland, Backlight Photofestival, Tampere/Finland and Photolux Festival, Lucca/Italy, The Icelandic Festival of Photography, Reykjavik/Iceland. In March 2020, she has been a judge for the Head On Photo Festival, Sydney/Australia.

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