I am interested to see both works in progress and finished projects. I can assist in developing ideas or editing a narrative. Always looking for new projects for FK Magazine and future editions of Riga Photomonth.

Arnis Balčus

Photographer / Editor-in-Chief, FK Magazine / Director, Riga Photomonth (LV)
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Arnis Balčus

Arnis Balčus is a photographer, editor-in-chief of FK Magazine and the director of Riga Photomonth. Living and working in London from 2004–2009, he received a Master’s Degree in Photography at the University of Westminster in 2005.

Since 1994, Arnis’ work has been shown in Riga, London, Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, among other cities. He has also published the photo books Victory Park (2016) and Myself, Friends, Lovers and Others (2020).

Arnis has participated as an expert at portfolio reviews in Arles, Moscow, Kaunas, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Derby, Madrid and Landskrona. Furthermore, he has nominated and evaluated entries for photo contests, such as Prix Pictet, Robert Capa Prize, Bird in Flight Prize, Google Photography Prize among others.

He is the founder and director of the international photography festival Riga Photomonth, running in the capital of Latvia since 2014.

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