I am always looking for new talents to engage in the many different projects we are working on at the museum. One of the most interesting and important parts of my work is to meet artists and photographers and discuss their ongoing projects and ideas.

Anna Tellgren

Curator of Photography, Moderna Museet, Stockholm (SE)
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Anna Tellgren

“After many years as Curator of Photography, Photo Historian, Researcher, Writer and Reviewer, I have a great deal of experience. My role is to listen and give constructive criticism or feedback, and suggestions on how to proceed. I hope that a meeting with me will give inspiration, support and maybe a new path.

I expect each of the photographers, I meet, to be well-prepared and have a balanced selection of past and ongoing projects to present.

What I am looking for is a photographer who is a talented visual artist and who at the same time has something that she or he wants or needs to communicate.

I am interested in meeting emerging as well as more established photographers working on their own, personal projects within art photography, landscape, portrait or documentary photography.”

Anna Tellgren, PhD, is Curator of Photography and Research Leader at Moderna Museet in Stockholm. She has curated numerous exhibitions, including Lars Tunbjörk. Winter/Home (2007), Moderna Museet Now: Inta Ruka (2008), Jeanloup Sieff: Photographs (2011), and her exhibition Francesca Woodman. On Being an Angel (2015) is touring internationally.

In 2011, Anna was responsible for the project Another Story. Photography from the Moderna Museet Collection, a major presentation of photography in the entire museum. Previously, she has worked as Researcher and Lecturer at the Department of Art History at Stockholm University. She was the editor of The History Book. On Moderna Museet 1958–2008 (2008) and is Associate Editor of Konsthistorisk tidskrift/Journal of Art History.

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