Portfolio reviews are meant to offer the artist appropriate feedback and research leads in a relaxed conversational setting, more so perhaps than to provide discovery opportunities and golden tickets.
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Ángel Luis González

“Personally, I am interested in finding out as much as possible about the background and practice of the artist, personal interests, current or persistent challenges, etc., everything that determines the context of the practice, just as much as specific projects.

To provide the right support to established or emerging artists, it is important to know the desires of the artist, alongside which I look at the long-term sustainability of the practice, how funding is acquired, and how the administration side of the practice is carried out. I hope, then, I can help to identify the right opportunities and perhaps provide a coherent contribution to further the practice.”

Ángel Luis González is Director of PhotoIreland, an independent organisation dedicated to stimulating a critical dialogue around Photography in Ireland and to internationally promoting the work of Irish-based artists. He won the David Manley Entrepreneur Award in 2011 for the PhotoIreland Festival project. In 2011, he launched ‘The Library Project’, a public resource library of photobooks, holding in excess of 3000 items from more than 300 publishers worldwide.

The Library Project also gives name to Ireland’s Art Bookshop, a unique space in Dublin’s city centre, offering the photobook collection, an eclectic bookshop, and a productive gallery programme. He has been a portfolio reviewer at events such as Les Rencontres d’Arles, Format Derby, PhotoEspaña, and The Triennial of Photography Hamburg. He is responsible for books such as Martin Parr’s Best Books of the Decade, New Irish Works, and the ongoing TLP Editions. He contributed to Landskrona Foto 2016, focused on Photography in Ireland, and he is an invited lecturer at university programmes, such as the Fine Art Photography Master at IED Madrid.

In 2019, he launched the public-facing project entitled ‘The Museum of Contemporary Photography of Ireland’ with its first instalment running 1-31 July as a 2000 m2 exhibition space, enquiring about Museums and Photography. The project will run every year during July as part of PhotoIreland Festival, until it becomes a fully fledged museum space. More recently, he developed OVER Journal, a new critical journal of Photography and Visual Culture for the 21st century, launching in Summer 2020.

Photo: Matthew Thompson

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