How it works

Reviews in your living room

Set up one-to-one meetings online with our dedicated reviewers whenever you need support to develop and realize your projects. Choose, book, upload, meet on Skype. It's that simple.

Choose your reviewer

Our portfolio reviewers are all experienced art professionals with the expertise and commitment to help you move forward in your career. They are, however, very different both in approach and interests and might not all be pertinent for you to meet. Please take time to read their profiles before you book a review.

    Book a portfolio review

    Schedule as many meetings as you like. You can start out with a single review, choose to discuss your portfolio with several reviewers or work with a particular reviewer over time. It's completely up to you.

    Read more about your options here

    Upload your portfolio

    Experience the benefits of meeting well-prepared portfolio reviewers!
    All you need to do is to upload your portfolio and written material. The reviewer will then go through your work, artist statement, website, etc. before meeting you.

    Read more about the portfolio requirements here

    Artists retain full rights to their images

    Meet your reviewer online

    Find a quiet location with a reliable internet connection, go on Skype and wait for the reviewer's invitation. Once you are connected, you will get 30 minutes of undivided attention and professional feedback from your chosen expert.

    See FAQ for more details