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Our portfolio reviewers are all experienced art professionals with the expertise and commitment to help you move forward in your career. Their approach and interests are very different, though, so check out the profiles to find a good match.

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You can reach out directly to our reviewers whenever you wish to book an online review. Simply log in and use the 'Request a review' function to let your chosen reviewer know when you would like to meet. Learn more about how to set up reviews here.

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Experience the benefits of meeting well-prepared portfolio reviewers! All you need to do is to upload your portfolio, artist statement, etc. The reviewer will then take time to go through your material before meeting you online.

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Find a quiet location with a reliable internet connection, go on Skype and wait for the reviewer's invitation. Once the two of you are connected, you will get 30 minutes of undivided attention and professional feedback from your chosen expert.

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