International Online Portfolio Review
1 - 30 September 2018



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Fotobiennalen 2018 online reviewers

About Fotobiennalen

A new Danish biennial for contemporary photography and lens-based art, Fotobiennalen 2018 will focus on the post-photographic image and photography's expanded field.

Founded in 2016, Fotobiennalen is a collaboration between Galleri Image in Aarhus, Brandts in Odense and Fotografisk Center in Copenhagen. With exhibitions in all three cities, the opening of the biennial will take place over three days - in Aarhus on August 29th, Odense on August 30th and in Copenhagen on August 31st.

As a major part of Fotobiennalen, an international symposium will be held in Copenhagen followed by this year's new addition - a month of online reviews organized by Portfolio Dialogue.

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Agata Stoinska
Photographer / Founder & Chief Editor, BLOW Photo & D-Light Studios, Dublin (IE) 

As Editor of BLOW Photo, one of my top passions besides visual excellence is storytelling. My eyes and ears are always open to new emerging work, and listening to photographers' stories and visions is a crucial part of the editing process.


Besides visual excellence, one of my top passions is storytelling. I can help you in your editing process, give you some insights into the publishing world and share my contacts with you. 

Alejandro Castellote
Independent Curator, Writer & Teacher, Madrid (ES) 

There is nothing like meeting artists and getting the chance to understand their own point of view about the world. I usually share that information with my colleagues in order to let good works be widely visible in exhibitions or books.

André Frère
Publisher, André Frère Éditions, Marseille (FR) 

I am always very happy to discover new projects, especially in documentary photography, and sometimes be able to publish some of them. My role as a reviewer is also to give advice in order to allow authors to prepare a complete dossier which could seduce a publisher.

Anna Krogh
Curator, Brandts, Museum of Art & Visual Culture, Odense (DK) 

I can help with career development using my network and my insight into the art world. I work with both emerging and established artists with a passionate, engaged and openminded approach.

Azu Nwagbogu
Chief Curator, Zeitz MOCAA - Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, Cape Town (ZA) 

When reviewing, I do not care for any particular genre or classification. It is important for me to have a conversation about the intention of the artist and to see if that is achieved and how I might be able to help the individual develop her/his practice.

Beate Cegielska
Director, Galleri Image, Aarhus (DK) 

I am always looking for new talents and interesting artists who are making special and unique work.

Chris Verene
Photographer, Brooklyn, NY (US) 

I have been a photography educator for twenty years and have been represented by a major New York gallery for all of this time. I offer a sincere and constructive perspective from my background in both of these worlds.

Christoph Tannert
Artistic Director, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (DE) 

I am currently curating exhibitions on young photography for 2018 and 2019. I am mainly interested in reviewing creative photography, documentary photography and photojournalism.

Christopher Rauschenberg
Board Chair, Exhibition Committee Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, Oregon (US) 

As a reviewer, I see myself as having two primary responsibilities - to help guide the photographer deeper into the heart of their project and to help Blue Sky find powerful work to exhibit and publish.

Clare Grafik
Head of Exhibitions, The Photographers' Gallery, London (UK) 

I am interested in seeing work from artists at any point in their career, established and emerging. Happy to see book dummies or ideas for exhibitions as well as finished projects.

Daniel Boetker-Smith
Academic Director, Photography Studies College / Director, Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive, Melbourne (AU)  

I am looking for work that might be featured in one of the publications, I write for, or exhibited in upcoming curatorial projects. I can give advice on project and folio development, photobook publishing, photobook editing and presentation.

Demet Yildiz
Photography Department Manager, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Istanbul (TR) 

I believe in establishing close contact with artists in various stages of their careers. This nurtures both the artist and the curator in terms of exploring various perspectives and approaches in contemporary photography, paving the way for future collaborations.

Elda Harrington & Silvia Mangialardi
Encuentros Abiertos - Festival de la Luz, Buenos Aires (AR) 

We might provide artists with an opportunity to exhibit and participate at the Encuentros Abiertos in Argentina and many other exhibitions or projects that we curate for different institutions around the world.

Elizabeth Avedon
Independent Curator; and Writer, New York (US) 

Having worked with many of photography’s past icons, I am now interested to review the work of emerging photographers who will someday shape the future of photography.

Hannah Frieser & Charles Guice
Converging Perspectives & The Center for Photography at Woodstock (US) 

We are actively seeking an international mix of artists who are at a critical point of their career and would benefit from exposure through exhibitions and essays.

Irina Chmyreva
Artistic Director, PhotoVisa, International Festival of Photography, Krasnodar Region (RU) 

I am looking for work that might be exhibited at the PhotoVisa festival and published in resources that I am connected with.

Jean-Christophe Godet
Director, Guernsey Photography Festival (GG) 

I am interested in discovering and helping new talents to develop, but I also like working closely with established artists who want some honest and constructive feedback about new projects.

Jo Ractliffe
Photographer, Cape Town (ZA) 

I am most interested in working with photographers who are developing or completing an extended series or set of photographs and are looking for an engaged response to the images.

Kati Kivinen
Chief Curator for Collections (PhD), Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma / Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki (FI) 

I can provide artists with feedback and valuable insight into ways they can strengthen their respective practices.

Katrín Elvarsdóttir
Photographic Artist & Curator / Co-Director, The Icelandic Photography Festival, Reykjavík (IS) 

I can advise both upcoming and established artists on how to further develop their work as well as provide assistance with exhibition possibilities in Iceland. As a photographic artist and a curator, I can share my experience from both sides.

Kristine Kern
Director, Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen (DK) 

I am interested in seeing contemporary art photography, including conceptual photography and related lens-based practices such as video.

Kurt Tong
Artist, Educator & Curator, Hong Kong (HK)  

I am most interested in personal projects with strong narratives, particularly from artists who are working across mediums.

Mirjam Kooiman
Curator, Foam, Amsterdam (NL) 

I'm always on the lookout for emerging visual artists that possess a strong and independent artistic vision and who apply experimental and refreshing approaches to the medium of photography, in basically all genres.

Monica Allende
Independent Curator, Creative Producer and Educator. Artistic Director, Getxophoto International Image Festival, London (UK) 

I am interested in work by both emerging and established artists who I can support through the different platforms I collaborate with. I can also advise on career strategy and creative processes.

Niyatee Shinde
Independent Curator, Mumbai (IN) 

Reviewing offers multi-faceted goals for the photographer. I attempt to expand on these. For me, the excitement is to discover brilliant different ways of seeing, staying in touch with the artists, watching them evolve and plough back their work into the field.

Rui Prata
Independent Curator, Lisbon/Helsinki (PT/FI) 

I can face two different situations. One is completed projects where artists are looking for places to exhibit or publish; the other is helping an ongoing project to be more consistent through editing and aesthetic/composing advice.

Tuula Alajoki
Curator / Director, Backlight Photo Festival, Tampere (FI) 

My curatorial interest is in social issues and topics outside the mainstream with ambitious approaches in both documentary and art photography. As a reviewer, I seek options and solutions together with the artists on how to take the project to the next level.

Yining He
Independent Writer & Curator, Tianjin (CN) 

I am looking forward to seeing artists from all disciplines, both emerging and established, and hope to provide opportunities for you to show in China.