Traditionally organized as physical meetings within the framework of international photography festivals, portfolio reviews are a highly efficient form of communication. Artists meet experts, present their work, receive feedback and, over time, develop their artistic practice as well as their career.

Portfolio Dialogue takes this successful concept one step further by providing an online platform for professional portfolio reviews and mentoring – no longer exclusively for photographers but for visual artists.

Available all year round, Portfolio Dialogue makes it possible for serious, career-oriented artists to set up one-to-one meetings with some of the world’s most dedicated and influential portfolio reviewers, i.e. curators, museum directors, publishers, magazine editors, gallery owners and festival directors. 

Offering an in-depth approach to portfolio reviews and mentoring, Portfolio Dialogue aims to shorten the distance between artists and experts and make portfolio reviews readily available for artists who are pursuing an international career.

Portfolio Dialogue addresses emerging, mid-career and established visual artists.

Portfolio Dialogue is not aimed at commercial photographers. This means that our reviewers do NOT review commercial photography, such as life-style, fashion, travel photography, illustration, traditional nudes, or stock photography.

  • Save money on flights and hotels, there's no travel involved
  • Handpick your favourite portfolio reviewers and book straight away
  • Book as many online reviews as you like – or start out with a single review
  • Connect on Skype, a communication system you are already familiar with
  • Go straight to the point with a well-prepared portfolio reviewer
  • Get a focused review in quiet surroundings 
  • Plan ahead and use the portfolio reviews as motivation in your work process
  • Practice your presentation skills and how to verbalize your work
  • Test your ideas on experienced portfolio reviewers
  • Prepare for physical portfolio reviews around the world

All dates and times on the website are displayed as Central European Time (CET) as long as you are not logged in. When you create an account, you will be asked to select your time zone (if your city is not on the list, simply select the city closest to you). Subsequently, the dates and times throughout the site will be displayed according to your local time zone.

Please note that we use the 24-hour clock system.

To create an account, simply click on ‘Log in’ and then select ‘Create new account’.

Remember to log in and change your time zone if you happen to be travelling at the time of the review. And, of course, change it again when you return – or move on to a new time zone.

When you change your time zone, all future reviews will be displayed according to this new setting. It is therefore important to check whether your current setting is correct, if you should later wish to book new reviews.

Booking a portfolio review

You can reach out directly to our reviewers whenever you wish to book an online review. Simply log in and use the 'Request a review' function to let your chosen reviewer know when you would like to meet.

When you fill out the request form, try to be as specific as possible. You can use the fields ‘When would you like the review to take place?’ and ‘Time preference’ to specify your wishes.

When you submit your request, it will initially be sent to Portfolio Dialogue for approval before it is forwarded to your reviewer. Taking your specific wishes into consideration, the reviewer will then get back to you as soon as possible with at least one possible review date. You will receive an email from the system with a booking link.

The date(s) assigned to you will remain reserved for you for 48 hours. After this, any remaining review dates will be released for general booking on the site.

Should the offered date(s) not suit you at all, you are welcome to contact us at, and we will find a solution.

Please note that the request function should only be used when you are serious about booking an online review with the reviewer in question.

Yes. Feel free to book portfolio reviews as a team or collective. 


All payments are made via Stripe. It’s easy and secure. We accept the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

We're sorry, but we do not accept bank transfers or payments by check.

All prices on the Portfolio Dialogue website are stated in EUR. The prices are current prices and exclusive of Danish VAT (25 %).

 Yes. Upon registration and payment, you will receive an email with an order confirmation.

Cancellation and refund policy

Yes. It is always possible for you to cancel your booking, but please be aware of our refund policy as described below. The cancellation policy applies in all circumstances.

There are a few circumstances that you need to be aware of depending on whether you book single portfolio reviews or tailor-made mentoring:

Portfolio Reviews
According to the EU Consumer Rights Directive, you have the right to a full refund if you cancel your booking within 14 days from the day you complete your booking. After this cooling-off period, we do not offer any refunds.

If you book a portfolio review that takes place less than 14 days after the day of booking, the cooling-off period will be correspondingly shorter. Please note that once you start filling out your review form or start uploading your portfolio, you will lose the right to a refund as the provision of services has now begun.

The deadline for upload is three days before any scheduled review. If you do not upload your portfolio in time, the portfolio review will be cancelled, and you will NOT be eligible for a refund. It is entirely your own responsibility to upload your portfolio before the deadline expires.

Tailor-made mentoring
As the tailor-made mentoring programme is personalised and requires the concerned reviewer’s active involvement from day one, this service is NOT eligible for a refund.

If you need to cancel your booking, please contact us at
All bookings are organized through Portfolio Dialogue. You may NOT under any circumstances offer or sell your booking to someone else. 

It is entirely your own responsibility to be present and ready at the time of your scheduled portfolio review. If, for some reason, you are late for the meeting or do not show up, Portfolio Dialogue will NOT provide a refund or offer a new review.

In the unfortunate event that a portfolio reviewer needs to cancel a scheduled review, he or she will offer a new date for a meeting. If it is not possible for the artist to meet on the date suggested by the reviewer, Portfolio Dialogue will offer a full refund.

Uploading your portfolio

You can present both work in progress and fully completed projects. It is possible to upload several series at once. Please see the profiles to find out what each of the reviewers is interested in reviewing and what they can offer you.

You share your portfolio with your chosen reviewer via our platform. When you register with Portfolio Dialogue, you get a personal user account. Through your account, you will be able to fill in a review form and upload your portfolio for any upcoming portfolio review.

You can edit your review form and portfolio until the deadline expires. When everything is ready, you submit all material to your chosen portfolio reviewer with a single click.

Please log in to your account to fill in your review form (including your aim with the review, artist statement or project description) and upload the following material:

  • Portfolio of maximum 30 images preferably presented as series or projects rather than single images. If relevant, we recommend that you include a few installation views. These can give your portfolio reviewer a better understanding of your work and its presentation.
  • CV in English (preferably in PDF format)

You will also be able to insert any relevant links to your website, projects online, video, etc. 

Please note, submitting a portfolio and participating in a portfolio review do not represent a guarantee for any future collaboration between reviewer and artist.

Artists retain full rights to their images.

The deadline is three days (72 hours) prior to the scheduled portfolio review. When you log in to your account, you can see the exact deadlines for all your upcoming reviews under 'My reviews'. No exceptions will be made for late submissions.

If you do not upload your portfolio in time, the portfolio review will be cancelled, and you will NOT be eligible for a refund nor a new review. It is entirely your own responsibility to upload your portfolio before the deadline expires.

No. We offer online portfolio reviews with art professionals based all over the world. Therefore, for practical reasons, it is only possible to upload digital material.

The portfolio review

Each portfolio review will last 30 minutes.

On the day of your portfolio review, the reviewer will be responsible for adding you 10 minutes before the scheduled review. Likewise, you should be ready to accept your reviewer’s invitation 10 minutes before the meeting begins. Once the two of you are connected, the reviewer will initiate the Skype conversation and give you 30 minutes of undivided attention.

The portfolio reviewer will keep track of time and let you know when the time is up.

When you fill out your review form, you are asked to provide both your Skype name, email address and mobile number. With this information the reviewer will always have an alternative way of contacting you, should there be any difficulties with the Skype connection.

Many of our portfolio reviewers speak multiple languages, and it will be possible for you to carry out the review in any of the languages spoken by your chosen reviewer. Please see the language indication on each of the reviewers’ profiles. All of our portfolio reviewers speak English.

Once you have chosen your reviewer, you should carefully consider your aim with the review, what you are hoping to achieve from a discussion with the particular reviewer, and what you should present. The review form can be helpful in this process so make sure you have time to go through it carefully.

When you have both left the Skype conversation, the portfolio reviewer can choose to block you as a contact person. Should you later wish to book a review with the same portfolio reviewer, you are welcome to do so via Portfolio Dialogue.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to get in touch: