What people say about us

What people say about us - Krista Svalbonas

It was amazing to meet people from around the world that I would typically not have access to - from my studio! 

It's really about making connections and letting individuals know about you and your work, that's the first step to anything!

Krista Svalbonas
Visual Artist, Philadelphia, USA

"Augsburg 1 detail", layered laser cut pigment prints, 23x32, 2018

What people say about us - Gary Beeber

The wonderful thing about Portfolio Dialogue is that it offers artists live access to top international curators. I recently had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth Avedon. I loved working with her, and it was fantastic to be able to work with such a highly regarded curator.

Gary Beeber
Fine Art Photographer, Centerville, Ohio, USA

"Shed" from the series "Sylvester Manor", 2018

What people say about us - Christine Merchent

At Portfolio Dialogue I can have one meaningful review, process the feedback, work on my portfolio and come back when I’m ready for more input. It’s ideal for me to communicate with a world class reviewer, at a convenient time, from the comfort of my home. This approach is more focused, efficient, logical, and effective.

Christine Rooney Merchent
Fine Art Photographer, Noblesville Indiana, USA

"Fallen Leader" from the series "Ghost in the Machine", 2018

What people say about us - Matthew Arnold

Love the Portfolio Dialogue program. Really helpful for me as an artist. Traveling all over for portfolio reviews can be quite expensive. This is the next best thing.

Matthew Arnold
Photographer, New York, USA

"Infantry positions, Bir Hacheim Battlefield, Libya" from the series "Topography Is Fate—North African Battlefields of World War II", 2014

What people say about us - Diane Fenster

Being able to meet a reviewer via Skype is a wonderful idea, especially for those of us whose finances don’t allow for extensive travel.

Diane Fenster
Fine Art Photographer, San Francisco, USA

"Throwing the Bones" from the series "HY•ST•ER•IA: Body as Battleground", 2018

What people say about us - Kirstine Autzen

Having an online review was very helpful for me. The site works smoothly through all the steps, and I really enjoyed the more private feel of skyping from home. I really felt like I had a real meeting!

Kirstine Autzen
Visual Artist, Copenhagen, Denmark

From the series "Organic Origin", 2018

What people say about us - Brenda Biondo

The Portfolio Dialogue website is something that I was very happy to find! 30 minutes felt like the right amount of time. Having the reviewer see my work and check my website in advance is a huge advantage of this online review over in-person 20-minute reviews. The review made me optimistic that my work can find positive interest among European curators.

Brenda Biondo
Photographer, Colorado, USA

"Paper Sky no. 26" from the series "Paper Skies"

What people say about us - Fie Tanderup

I was very happy with my Portfolio Dialogue online reviews. They gave me an opportunity to present a new body of work to portfolio reviewers who I already know and respect highly. I was able to talk to the reviewers without having to travel at a time that suited both. It also made it possible to exhibit my new series "Light and Silver" at Encuentros Abiertos, Festival de la Luz in Buenos Aires this summer.

Fie Tanderup
Fine Art Photographer, Aarhus, Denmark

"The Eye of the Hummingbird" from the series "Light and Silver", 2017

What people say about us - Christoph Tannert

For me, it is a very fulfilling job to study the portfolios alone before speaking to the artists and be able to go deeper through artistic aspects in the online reviews.

Christoph Tannert
Artistic Director, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany

What people say about us - Mitar Terzic

I would like to express my profound satisfaction with the portfolio reviews I have had. All my reviewers were fantastic, and I am very happy with their critique and attitude. I think the idea of online portfolio reviews is fantastic, and I will for sure repeat it.

Mitar Terzic
Fine Art Photographer, Alicante, Spain

"Metropolis" from the series "Chats with Felix", 2018

What people say about us - Diana Velasco

My online reviews were very useful and inspiring. The reviewers gave me positive, constructive feedback, which was helpful in setting further directions and even resulted in an exhibition in Argentina.

Diana Velasco
Fine Art Photographer, Copenhagen, Denmark

"Family Album", 2017

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